One More Year in the Books

Today I am sitting in my apartment packing things up and preparing to go home for the summer. I was listening to a song called “Your Words” by Third Day and I started crying because I realized how faithful and present God was with me this school year.

This year was full of transitioning, making new friends, figuring out living on my own, and so much more.

I look through my sweet little apartment and I see that it isn’t spotless and brand new as it was on August 1st last year. There are a couple of scratches on the walls, some lingering dust that my Swiffer refused to pick up; but there are also tons of pictures (new and old), notes from friends, and more dust.

This year was full of emotion. This apartment witnessed me pull all-nighters to avoid failing biochemistry exams, it saw me cry in my floor when my papa passed away, it was home to sweet talks with friends, and FaceTime calls from family.

I thank God for blessing me with my home, a place that is mine, that He dwells in with me. I look back and realize all the nights I laid in bed praying, He was with me. When I cried over papa, He was here. When I was happy, He was here.

There has never been a point looking back where I have said “Where were you, God?” He has always been here.

I think there are times when we look around us and wonder where He is, or if He is even there.

My pastor J.D. Greer said it best one Sunday, “Would you be willing to doubt your doubts and believe until He is able to reveal Himself and His purposes to you in Heaven?”

So in moments when you wonder where He is, or if He is even there at all, remember “He will never leave you nor forsake you.” Doubt your doubts, keep praying, believe in  Him, trust His plan for your life. You will never regret it.

My only regrets are moments where I  doubted, where I didn’t trust, where I took matters  into my own hands.

Praise Him, for turning my mess ups into something for His glory.

Praise Him for my home, my friends, my family, my school.

Praise Him for saving my soul, and promising me a home in eternity.

Life is not easy! Its full of scratches, lingering dust, maybe even a dent or two, but its also full of blessings. Being a follower of Christ does not promise endless days of happiness. But it promises peace and joy, even in the midst of  trials. It promises a friend,  a Father, a caregiver, through it all.

Praise Him for that. Praise Him for my 2016-2017 school year. Praise Him for never giving up on me. I hope you can relate. Its a free gift, friend.

Praise Him.




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