my one true love

The day of love is upon us. It is always so wonderful to see all the displays of love through flowers, chocolate (personal favorite), and kind gestures. I’m sure there is someone in your life that you think of right away when you see heart shaped boxes or “I love you.”

Be it family, friends, significant others, etc. we are so fortunate to feel love towards someone and to have it displayed to us in return.

My favorite love story is one that I have told before, and its a story that can and should be shared 100 times over.

There are certainly seasons in our lives that are much harder than others and I was in a tough season when my love story began. Depression and loneliness were two feelings that I had become very familiar with at the time and I was not sure how to rid myself of those feelings.

I tried to fill those gaps with people and things, but it just was never good enough.

My dad is a pastor, I grew up in church. I grew up bathed in prayer and scripture, and I had a strong head knowledge of the Bible, Jesus, and the “dos and don’ts” of life. Head knowledge only gets you so far. I needed so much more.

I reached a breaking point and no amount of head knowledge was rescuing me from that.

The peace came from a heart change, surrendering control of my life.

The comfort came in believing in someone I could not see, but I certainly could feel.

The freedom came from releasing all the hurt and the pain that I carried with me daily.

And the hope that I still carry today comes from acknowledging that someone much greater than I has intricately planned my life for His glory, so I never have to fear tomorrow.

I found unconditional love in Jesus. A love that says, “come to me Abby and I will give you rest.” A love that says, “you cannot physically see Me, but I promise I am with you wherever you go.” A love that says, “no matter how good you are, or what terrible thing you have done, you are Mine.”

There was no huge voice from the sky, no angels appearing in the clouds, no physical touch. It was, and still is, a feeling. Its acknowledging that He is real, and being still long enough to see how He will work in your life. Its talking to Him as if He is sitting right beside you. Its reading scripture, not because you have to, but because you believe in His wisdom and power.

No day is perfect, some are better than others, but each night when I lay down and pray I rest in the fact that I am loved unconditionally, forever. Nothing will ever change that. I slip up, there are days when I struggle with insecurities, but I go back to that special day when I put my trust in Christ and I find that same peace, comfort, freedom, and hope.

Love begins and ends with Jesus.

“We love because He first loved us.” – 1 John 4:19

Happy Valentine’s Day, friend. You are so loved.











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