Because Nothing Ever Goes As Planned


Sometimes I sit back and wonder how in the world I got to whatever position I am in at the time, whether it be good or bad.

I’ve always been pretty strong willed (just a better word for stubborn), which means I have a plan always, and I am usually diligent about making that plan happen. No matter what.

Whether the plan be a life altering choice, or what I am eating for lunch, I promise you there is always a plan.

What I am learning with age is that almost nothing ever goes as planned. I plan on eating a salad for lunch, but sometimes Bojangles walks into my life and changes things…

Seriously, I could count on one hand the times something I have planned has actually happened. And why?

Because there is always something better, and we may not understand why, but its funny that when you look back at the crappy points of life you realize that those moments were shaping you to be who you are today.

When I surrendered my life to Jesus three years ago, I had no idea what He had planned for me. I had tons of plans. I was heading to UNC, I was going to have a 4.0, and I was going to get into pharmacy school after two years… We can all laugh because we all know that didn’t happen.

So what happened? I met the most wonderful group of girls, and we will all be walking down the aisle together at some point or another (for Hannah that’s coming in June). I hit several low points where the only place I had to look was up, and praise God for the people that were put in my life to pray for me and remind to always look up.

Today I sit in my first apartment, fully furnished by friends and family. I see a piece of those I love every where I turn. I’m pursuing my dream of being a pharmacist at a wonderful school that feels so much like home. Not exactly the plan I had in mine, but I’m so thankful.

I cannot help but sit back and thank the Lord for changing my plans. I praise Him for being patient with me in my most stubborn moments. Most of all, I am humbled by His faithfulness in my life. I am so undeserving, but He has shown me continual grace and mercy through my mistakes, and laid a path for me to follow.

I’m certain of this: I will mess up every day, I will make plans that will blow up in my face, but I know He’s there guiding me every step of the way. He does the same for you.

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.” ~Lamentations 3:22-23





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