The Standard of Grace, Not Perfection.

I can remember being a kid and doing something like smacking one of the twins upside the head, or writing my name on my lampshades (for whatever reason). Usually mom found out shortly after and I most certainly didn’t get away with it.

And then I grew up, and still did stupid things. Why? Because I am so far from perfect.

I have made big, ugly mistakes that shamed me and followed me around like a big, dark cloud. I certainly have hurt people with my words and actions, I don’t always handle situations with grace, and I can be a jerk. I have made decisions that I paid consequences for, and rightfully so.

Three years ago all of those dark clouds started breaking, and all of those big, ugly mistakes were gone. I stood in a lights out auditorium in Cleveland, Ohio and tears were rolling down my cheeks because the weight of the world was gone. I can remember just sitting there hearing “Oh praise the One, who paid my debt, and raised this life up from the dead,” over and over again. I left those mistakes at the foot of the cross that night, and I became a daughter of Jesus.

Looking back on that moment, three years later, I see an imperfect girl covered by the perfect blood of Jesus. I still screw up every day, but the clouds don’t form and follow me around anymore because grace found me and washed it all away.

I have done nothing to deserve the joy that I have today, but I am certain that without Jesus, I would still be that defeated girl I was three years ago.

I am still learning, and I am far from where I need to be, but I praise God for bringing me to this place. I praise Him for teaching me to dance in the rain, and I thank Him for clearing the sky and making me new. Most of all, I praise Him for loving me, flaws and all.

Grace isn’t exclusive to me, it covers you too.

Tim Keller says it well: “God sees us as we are, loves us as we are, and accepts us as we are. But by His grace, He does not leave us as we are.”

He is faithful, always.




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