Finding Satisfaction

Have you ever thought, “Maybe once I get _____, I’ll be happy,” or “Maybe if I look like _____, I’ll be happy.”

I know I have.

It seems like recently I have been struggling, trying to fill in those blanks and waiting for that thing to make me happy, and once that thing doesn’t work, I look for something else.

I’m learning that we go through different seasons in life that alter us as people, and change us, either in the forward direction or backwards. We have so many choices to make on a daily basis and as we grow older it seems like the decisions get harder, and more complex. It always seems like there are a thousand answers for just one question, but which is the right answer?

The world says, “Follow your heart! Listen to that voice in your head!”

That voice in my head has gotten me into trouble several times, and my heart hasn’t always had the greatest sense of direction.

I battle it almost everyday.

So what’s the answer? Chocolate you said?

Nope, not chocolate. Its Jesus.

I get so busy. I run around like a chicken with my head cut off 99% of the time and I eventually crash and think, “what the heck have I been doing?”

Today I crashed, hence the blog post…

I said yes to Jesus three years ago this July and I went through a period where my relationship with Him was the only thing I could get right. Then “better” days came, and I got busy. Too busy to say, “Jesus, I need you today.” Too busy to think, “Thank you, God for saving me.” Too busy to understand that anything I had done was because of Christ’s strength and not my own. I find myself missing the days when I was having a hard time, because I was the most dependent on Him. It shouldn’t be like that.

Here I am today trying to fill in the blanks with all these things that have a “happiness expiration date.” Why? Because I’ve been busy.

So what’s the answer to all those questions? Jesus. With what should I fill in those blanks? Jesus.

Better yet, with Christ we have joy.

One of my favorite song verses is,

“Give me Jesus, you can have all this world, Give me Jesus.”

He is the answer, in the most simple and complex of ways.

Happiness doesn’t come from self help books, or inspirational speeches, and if it does its only temporary. I’ve always been told that happiness is temporary, joy is eternal.

Joy comes from believing that Christ is the Lord of my life. Joy comes in the midst of pain and says, “I cannot handle this, but Jesus can.” Joy is present in every storm, because Jesus is present in every storm.

I can’t explain it. I don’t know why anyone would want to die on the cross for someone like me, and give me a gift that is eternal. I don’t know why I would dare choose anything other than that, but I get busy. I get prideful and think I can handle all this stuff on my own. I think that I can make myself happy, but I cannot.

Today I am thankful for moments where I crash and burn, because it brings me back to Jesus.

Genuine satisfaction is found in Christ, and Christ alone.



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