We All Have Deleted Scenes

Have you ever looked at someone’s news feed and just been like, “man, I wish I could have their life.” I know I am definitely guilty of that.

Why is it that it always appears like you are the only dysfunctional person in the world? Sometimes I feel like trying to get my life together is the equivalent of chasing a bag of 100 marbles down a driveway that butts up to a highway.

Social media is a highlight reel, bottom line. Sure you have your bad days and you feel like complaining to the world (once again, guilty as charged), but for the most part, it is a place where you let your virtual friends know how #blessed you are. I definitely do this, and its really not a bad thing.

The bad part about this is that we can get caught up in looking at how awesome everyone else is doing and we wonder, “why am I not that happy?”

Moral of the story: we all have deleted scenes.

If you keep up with me, you would probably see where I post about how awesome Jesus is (which He really is), or how blessed I feel. You might see where something great happened to me or blah blah blah.

What you might not know is that I have problems, too. Sure I don’t post them because its unnecessary. I don’t want to be discouraging or annoying, but to you it may appear that I have all my ducks in a row.

Well I can promise you this: I am a mess, just as you might be.

There are days when I suffer from anxiety because I am so afraid of being unsuccessful. There are nights when I wake up and feel like someone is strangling me because I am so anxious about whatever I am facing.

There are moments where I feel like I’m running in place, days where I just want to quit, and weeks where I want to be alone.

I have failed a test (or ten), I have been depressed, I have royally screwed up, I have been a stumbling block, and I have been a bad friend. Truth is, I am far from perfect, and my life is like a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle missing about 300 pieces.

My point in all of this is not to throw a pity party, but to let you know that you are not alone. Maybe your life is perfect, and you truly feel like a rockstar 100% of the time, but I can almost guarantee that is not the case.

We all have issues, bad days/weeks/months/years, and moments where we are like, “what in the world just happened.” Chances are, your #blessed friends are fighting for life just as you are.

So as you look through your timeline and all your friends are feeling #blessed and you’re feeling like a snake in a room full of rocking chairs, just remember that we all have problems. We are all broken, we are all facing a trial, and nothing is as perfect as it seems.

Most of all, remember that you have been given grace by Jesus. Grace for all the bumps and bruises, grace for the F on your test, grace for the bad words, grace for doing something you regret, grace for being a crappy friend, grace for it all.

It’s good to have a highlight reel, and those beautiful moments are so important, but the deleted scenes make us who we are. The deleted scenes remind us of our need for a Savior.

Life is short and messy, and like any good movie there are great points, low points, and deleted scenes. Let’s embrace it all.


For by grace we have been saved, not from ourselves, it is a gift from God, not by works, so that none can boast.  ~Ephesians 2:8-9IMG_20151021_185820354


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