This One’s For You, Mom(s)

To the moms who have a hard time letting go:

Whether your child has gone to college, left you to be with the Lord, or left for whatever reason, I would like to let you see through our eyes for a moment.

You were the first person we loved, the one we called for, and depended on. As a kid, you have one image in your mind when you think of “mom”. You don’t see her size, what clothes she wears, her hairstyle, or her makeup. None of that matters. All you see is your momma.

We see what you do, how you treat us, how you train us, and how you love us. We watch every move you make. 

We remember who took care of us when we were sick, and we never forget the one who yelled at us when we didn’t make curfew. We feel the warmth of your hugs, and we will never forget all the times you said “be careful”. We remember those things. 

We remember all the long text messages, or the letters you wrote us.

We remember all the times you told us no; and all the times we did it anyways. We remember thinking in our heads, “she was right”.

We remember all the times that we were hurt by other people; and all the times you knew before we even told you.

As you think about how much you love your child, think about how much they love you.

You were given time. Time to train up your child in the way that they should go so they would not depart from it. Well, now’s the time to reap what you have sown.

We love you, for you. The older we get, the more we realize how much we love you, and the better our relationship becomes.

So thank you, for training us, loving us, and saying no when we had no idea what we were about to walk into. Thank you for pushing us past our limits. Thank you for showing us unconditional love. Thank you for forgiving us even when you didn’t want to. And thank you for giving us the example that we one day hope to give our kids.

Its okay to miss us; in fact, I hope you miss us, but never forget how much we miss you too. We think of you every day, and remember the tears you shed for us, we shed them for you too.

I love you, mom. 


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